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How to Make Criticism Drive You

Many of the world’s most successful business leaders were criticized — even laughed at –when they first introduced their ideas. Instead of believing the naysayers, they used that criticism as motivation to succeed.

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Why You Should Not Work as a Freelancer

Many people dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs.
They love the idea of having their own business,
having something that is theirs alone, the possibility of seeing their incomes rise,
to see their business grow and become a reference point.

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5 Important Email Templates for Freelance Designers

Freelance designers have a lot of different responsibilities when it comes to running a business and providing client services. Anything that you can do to increase efficiency in administrative areas will help to allow you to spend more of your time actually designing for clients.

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How do I become a freelancer

Sometimes I find myself with friends asking me how did I become a freelancer.
There isn’t a protocol to follow, a right way to do it.

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100 Reasons I LOVE Being a Freelancer

Some years ago I decide to become a freelance web developer.
I made a list of 100 reasons why I LOVE it.

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