Things That An Enterpreteneur Would Like To Know During College

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates did not finish college.
They all started projects that later brought a level of recognition that probably would not have succeeded if they had finished college.
Does the fact that they dropped out college was essential so they could create giant corporations?

During graduation, we have no knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the labor market.
It happens mainly because we have not worked in the area yet.
Here we prefer to spare our free time going out and watching TV.
Compared with the most of all, these entrepreneurs created their own projects early,
projects that lead them to be more motivated to work than the degree that was not being helpful.
At some point they had to consider if they dropp out college.

The answer to the question should not be as simple as “yes” or “no”.
All situations must be analyzed point by point, there are many things you should consider.

Is college giving you new knowledge?
Are you excited with what you are learning?
Are just fulfilling an obligation?
Does your business give you more motivation than college?
It is a long term profitable project?
How long to complete college?
Does it compensate to make a last effort?
How is the market in you area?

Leave a degree and starting a business is a very important decision.
There are advantages and disadvantages, in either case we may be missing an opportunity.
In the current days, work is quite uncertain, mainly when trying to create our own business.
It is important to have a safeguard and the degree can help.
If things go wrong in the future and you have to choose another path, the degree will be an asset.
Either way, the important thing is feeling that you took the right decision, especially because it can set your future.

It is possible to combine the two.
Clearly it can be difficult, but possible.
The biggest drawback is the lack of time to devote to one of the parts, this can cause the other to get in background.
It’s a matter of priorities and doing a good planning of your time can help.

The student life usually does not have a restricted routine.
The habit of waking and bedtime to stringent hours can be lost as easily as you will go out to a bar with friends.
As an entrepreneur you will need to be able to do a serious time management.
Setting a routine is one of the best things you can do, this will help you increase your productivity.

If you think college gives you little time to deliver jobs, wait until you get your business.
When we have our own business, we have to be responsible, competent and meet all deadlines that we have with customers.
If you will be in college, better try to learn the maximum it has to teach.
Learn and get used to meet all deadlines or even to deliver before the agreed date.
This is a good training for your future life.

There is no real departure time when you own your own business.
You go home when the work is done, it often involves working through the night.
So, if you need to stay more five minutes on the class, do no complain, take advantage of that time.

Do not miss classes just because you want to go home early or want to get to sleep because you have laziness.
In college, get into the habit of not missing classes.
When you create your own business, you cant just miss.
You may have the need to spend the weekend working.

When you are a student, they tell you what to do, you just have to study what they say.
Many times this leads you to lose a key feature for the business world, proactivity.
It is important to do more than just go to class or do the tests.
This attitude can be trained and will bring you benefits for the future.

When they are leaving college, most students complain that know little about what they have to do.
Sometimes it is true.
Most universities focus too much on theory, leaving aside the practical side, that will make all the difference in time to get customers.
Buy books, take degrees, workshops or try to do some works as a freelancer.
Is a way to feel more prepared when entering the market.

Having three months of vacation per year only happens when you are a student.
When starting your business, there will be years that did not even have vacation!
As a student, you can use this time to learn our start your own business.

During college, the thought is usually the same, apply only during the tests period.
Your routine will help you maintain the proactive actitude and work outside the classroom.
Helping your hold the year, mainly in the most stressful times.
When you create your business, you have to apply every day to achieve your objective, not just in a moment.
Creating a routine that keeps your day occupied, can give you a sense of what you will have in day-to-day work.

Normally, in college, they give several books to read and works to do, but they forget one thing, practice.
If you feel that this part does not exist in your degree, you will have to look for it.
Start by focusing on what you want to be and do.
Then, start doing something for it, finding a part-time, a internship or start working in your projects.
You will see that your motivation will increase.

Some people will tell you that the most important thing is to work, work, work non-stop.
We are not robots. We need to know our limitations and try to play with them.
Indeed, you will need to work hard but most important is to work intelligent.

The fine art of networking.
One powerful weapon that can help you succeed.
Talking with people that already started their own business, people with the ability and willingness to teach and invest.
It can help you avoid many mistakes, and reach the right people to help your business grow.

Stop trying to make excuses.
Stop doing things just because others also do not do so.
The success or failure of others is independent of yours.
The successful entrepreneurs believed in their projects and went in front.
You must build your future, follow your own path.
If you believe in you project and think this has future, only you are capable to make it grow.

It’s hard to know what will be the best option.
Over time we will be able to understand if we made a mistake.

What would you change in your student days?
What mistakes do you think you made?
What have you done differently from your colleagues?
Dropping out or staying at college helped you suceed?

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