Rookie Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make


We all know there is no one right way to start your business — certainly no failsafe blueprint to success. However, there are several common pitfalls that unnecessarily trip up many entrepreneurs on their road to success, a few of which I fell victim to myself while founding Educents.

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Three-day Working Week to Improve Quality of Life


Carlos Slim said current retirement ages come from a time of lower life expectancies, and should rise to 70 or 75.

Mexican billionaire tycoon, Carlos Slim, has called for the introduction of a three-day working week, offset by longer hours and a later retirement, as a way to improve people’s quality of life and create a more productive labour force.

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Questions to Ask a Potential Hire


Standard interview questions are generally boring and don’t always reveal very much about the person you’re interviewing. When you’re talking to a candidate, you want to ask great questions–they’re more likely to engage and you’re more likely to learn important information.

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CEO Productivity Tips to Steal for Yourself


Everyone knows that leading a company is one of the toughest gigs around. Whether running a small business or a multi-national corporation, CEOs have to manage time, resources, and multiple demands while finding the time and head space to make decisions and plot strategiesthat will determine the course of their business.

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Sins of Newbie Entrepreneurs


Most entrepreneurs are familiar with the ridiculously high percentage of small businesses that will fail in the first couple years. The business owners who survived the odds will tell you that they didn’t achieve success on sheer passion alone. It took hard work, and in most situations, it didn’t happen over night.

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Ways to Become the Most Productive Person Around


Have you ever come across someone who just seemed to get so much done and was by far the most productive person you knew? Why can’t you be that person?

Here are some ways to become the most productive person you know.

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Tips To Negotiate High Rates


I am a huge advocate of freelancing — it is the first thing I will recommend to anyone interested in making money online. The barriers of entry are low, there is little in the way of qualifications snobbery and you can literally start earning money tomorrow.

However, freelancing as a business model is far from perfect. In fact, if your aim is to make big bucks (say a comfortable salary well into six figures), you may find that freelancing has its limitations.

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Schools Kill Creativity


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Things That An Enterpreteneur Would Like To Know During College

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates did not finish college.
They all started projects that later brought a level of recognition that probably would not have succeeded if they had finished college.
Does the fact that they dropped out college was essential so they could create giant corporations?

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How to Make Criticism Drive You

Many of the world’s most successful business leaders were criticized — even laughed at –when they first introduced their ideas. Instead of believing the naysayers, they used that criticism as motivation to succeed.

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